The Blue Skies Story

Founded in 2002 with deep knowledge and expertise delivering technical business solutions to the world’s largest life sciences enterprises as well as media and entertainment giants, Blue Skies, LLC set out to establish itself as an elite boutique firm with a system-agnostic approach.  High-quality client partnerships and excellence without compromise have been at the heart of the organization from the beginning. 

We have a fundamental belief in investing the time to learn each client’s environment, understanding the connections between systems, processes, and people necessary for a successful solution deployment.

Our Executive Team

John Hoff

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Ron Enge

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Gary Aubin

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Dave Gora

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Heidi Rothbard

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Mission Statement

To commit to our customers, lead them through important changes, and deliver excellence with empowered solutions.

We Commit
We believe that companies have worthy goals and deserve capable allies who are equally committed to making those goals realities.

We Lead
We navigate our clients through the chaos of change by providing leaders who champion business transformation and truly enjoy the work that they do.

We Deliver Solutions/Excellence
Data empowers the constantly evolving enterprise, and we empower our clients by harmonizing enterprise data strategies and business process improvements. Our commitment to solutions and quality both excites us and ensures that our customers realize a return on their investment in us.

Our Values

Our values are at the heart of everything we do.  It’s been said that what you focus on expands, and to that extent, excellence fuels every client engagement.  We focus on delivering demonstrable results that help you and your organization while increasing our collective knowledge and skills.  Driving forward change is just as important as staying grounded in the results we deliver.  We strive to help you see beyond just “good enough” – collaborating so that everyone comes out ahead.  Our consultants are passionate about going above and beyond while staying curious to find better ways and accepting roadblocks as healthy challenges.  And at the end of the day, we never forget we are all human, and finding fun and joy matter. 
Our Core Values